The New Renegade's Ride Height And Tire Size Are Just Fine, Jag-Offs

So we saw the first Jeep Renegade in the wild over at Truck Yeah! And some folks are all panicked about how the tires are small, and how low it sits. You know what? I think it's fine. Hell, better than fine — extra-fine.

See, 90% of what these will be used for will not need huge tires or ground clearance measured in toddlers. A lower Renegade means better handling/CoG, easier entry/exit, and easier loading/unloading cargo. I'm sure it's also enough for some mild off-roading, too — hell, it looks like it has more clearance than a Yukon.


Also, I'm sure you can raise it and cram whatever big tires you want if you're serious about taking it off road.

Of course, many people, like our own Mikey B, don't agree with me. So let's have it out!

(* digital glove slap system initiatied *)

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