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Porsche has been running the new 991 GT3 around with very little camo for a few weeks now.


We don't know why — it looks just like the old one, and just as hot.

The new GT3 looks good and mean, and a lot like a Ruf. We like that, we like that a lot.


This video comes from Colla Verglas and was shot on the way to the IDIADA proving grounds in Spain. Colla Verglas has a bunch of still photos up as well.

We're less enthused that all the cars were seen with shift paddles behind the steering wheel; the new GT3 may even be PDK-only. Tracktards and posers may not mind, but we'll miss the third pedal.

Rumor is that the 3.8 liter flat six will have 450 horsepower, and weight may be down around 88 pounds (40kg) to a hair under 3,000.

We're still looking forward to hearing this thing warble past us on some Lower Manhattan street in a year or two. What a badass little car.


Photo Credit: Colla Verglas

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