The New Nissan Juke Sure Looks... Jukish

All image credits: Nissan

Last month, we got a shadowy teaser of the upcoming, apparently not-for-the-U.S. Nissan Juke. It looked like a chunky-faced crossover, which was essentially what the original Juke was. Now, with new photos of the car in camouflage wrap, it’s more apparent than ever that the new Juke’s looks will probably remain quite Jukish. Good!


The new Juke will have 19-inch wheels and Nissan’s ProPilot semi-autonomous technology, according to a press release. Also, the car will increase in size to provide more room and comfort to its occupants. If you thought the last one was cramped, then I guess this should be an improvement.

Weirdly, this mule has its sideways Y-shaped running lights covered up. We saw those on the teaser! Why would they be covered up here?

Anyway, as we’ve said before, the new Juke probably isn’t coming here to the States. We don’t need it, see, because we already have the Kicks. Don’t want to be redundant, now.


And once everyone else gets the updated Nismo version of the new Juke, you can expect me to get on my soapbox about that here, too.

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