The New Nissan Juke Might Be Great But It's Not Coming Here

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Photo: Nissan

The Nissan Juke is dead here in the United States because we don’t deserve nice things, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead everywhere else. The Juke is alive and well in Nissan’s European markets and it’s about to get a revamp.

Nissan posted this shadowy teaser on its European press site with the launch date of Sept. 3, 2019. No further details were revealed, but the front looks sorta fun, right? It definitely has Nissan’s V-shaped corporate face and the Y-shaped running lights are cool.

This teaser also fits the Juke timeline because, as Autocar reported last August, Nissan has plans of returning the crossover as “an urban meteor with a nasty attitude” planned for this year.


I’ll let my imagination run wild for a bit here. Perhaps the new Juke will have an angry, buzzy, four-cylinder with a manual and performance-oriented suspension. Maybe it’ll be really great at off-roading when you want it to. Maybe it’ll be a compact crossover sport-hybrid. Who’s to say?

Certainly our input doesn’t matter, because we don’t get the Juke anymore. And that’s a real shame. The Juke was divisive (you either loved it or you hated it) but at least you had an opinion about it. It’s more than I can say about the Kicks.