The New Nascar Dodge Charger Is One Mean-Ass Stock Car

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Joining the hot new NASCAR Ford Fusion next year will be the vehicle you see here, which is purportedly the 2013 Dodge Charger stock car. It looks angry. Did we make it mad?


These photos were taken at Penske Racing on Friday and then reposted by Tom M. over at the Randy Ayers Modeling forum. They appear to show the new Dodge Charger race car for 2013, which isn't supposed to come out yet.


None other than NASCAR-knows-all Jenna Fryer is calling this the car.

As with the new Fusion, this Car Of The Day After Tomorrow derivative incorporates fewer decals to create a Charger-esque look. Compare this with the other cars in the shop and it's clear how more distinct the lines are.

Now that NASCAR stock cars have to derive their design partially from the actual cars, we hope this creates a feedback loop of sorts that results in a more aerodynamic/racy look from mid-sizers. A Toyota Camry with a Superbird nose would be awesome.

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I'm confused.. I thought the "Car of Tomorrow" was supposed to be the same damn car all the way around with just different stickers (and engines). Why the sudden change in this rule? It looks like the roofline stays the same as the fusion (and windows), but did the circle track boys get too much flak from the crowds? Did tv attendance drop off that much where new body panels might be able to save this series?