The New McLaren F1 Car: Dissected

The 2013 Formula One season is coming up and before everyone goes back to gossiping bout how Kimi is drunkenly breaking into the Magnum factory, McLaren rushed out their new MP4-28 to the press. Here's my take on the design. 

After you go through the annotated image up top with my design thoughts, take a moment to skim through McLaren's official press conference video. These presentations are usually painfully dull, but since this is McLaren's 50th anniversary we get treated to a bit of their historic Formula One cars and, most impressively, one of their hilariously loud 1970s Can-Am cars.


That's a Chevy V8 in the back with throttle trumpets and it sounds like the earth being torn in half. Pretty great. As we go over this 2013 car, I can't help but think of 2014's turbo V6 engines and how they will compare with that Can-Am masterpiece.

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