The current Kia Soul has cheap, ugly black plastic inserts in the headlights. Today we found out the new one doesn't.

The headlights were my last hangup on the Soul, which has been doing a very good job of bringing some excitement to the lives of mothers and grandmothers across the country. It had different paint schemes, a good stance, and plenty of practical room. I've heard it drives nicely, but I've never been behind the wheel myself.

But the old car's headlights were just awful. They were an affront to humans everywhere, really. They'd attack me with their ugly every time they'd drive by.

"Stop it, Kia! Stop it, Soul!" I'd shout, covering my delicate eyes with my hand. "Stop having such fake plastic headlight inserts - we all know they're not air intakes. You're not fooling anyone." Then I'd curl into my usual fetal position and have a good cry.

So Kia fixed that, and I'm happy. Thanks for not attacking me with ugly, Kia. Thank you.



Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik