The New Kia Ceed Drops The Apostrophe And I'm Crushed

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The third-gen Kia Ceed is coming, and while it isn’t available in the U.S. market, us Americans should still care about it.


The new model will debut at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show, wearing the new and more aggressive corporate face that we’ve seen on the Stinger and the new Forte. Not much more is known about it, as Kia has provided no engine details and only this rendering, but we’ve learned that it’s also dropping the apostrophe out of the name!


From the press release:

Kia has also revised the third generation’s name. So cee’d becomes Ceed, consolidating its reputation as a car for the Community of Europe, with European Design.

It’s just a stupid name, but in my weird brain, that makes the Ceed way less cool. We need more cars with punctuation in their names, that’s what makes them better. Fun. It’s why I love the Volkswagen Up! so much. You can’t say that name without cracking a grin.

You get the sense that Kia wanted the Ceed to be more grown-up. Serious name to match its new serious face. I suppose “Ceed” does seem more respectable that “cee’d,” but where is the vitality in that? Where is the youthfulness? We should all strive to stay young at heart, it’s what is keeping most of us alive.

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maybe it’s the only way they thought to sucCEE’D

of course, that still has the suck in it, and with Kia’s that’s harder to remove than an apostrophe