Kia Is Offering Up To $6,800 Off The Sticker Price If You Lease A Stinger

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The Kia Stinger is a pretty impressive value considering the speed, style, and features you get for your money compared to more expensive European sportbacks. Now Kia has come out of the gate hot with some really attractive lease deals.


Our friends at got the scoop on the recently released nationally advertised lease programs for the new Stinger.

Senior pricing analyst Alex Bernstein breaks it down:

Nationally, Kia is offering the 255 hp Stinger 2.0 turbo from $299 for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing. The deal includes an allowance of 12,000 miles per year, which is pretty standard for Kia.

Based on an effective cost of $382/month, we consider this a pretty good deal given the vehicle’s MSRP of $32,800. Program bulletins show the deal includes an impressive $4,800 in factory lease discounts.

This means the base model Stinger is actually cheaper to lease than Chevy Camaro with the 2.0T even though the Kia has a sticker price that is $5000 more. But the news gets better, apparently, the higher up you go on the Stinger trim level, the more money Kia puts on the hood to make the lease competitive.

At the top of the range, the all-wheel drive Stinger GT2 benefits from a whopping $6,800 in lease cash, something we consider incredibly surprising. In contrast, buying a Stinger isn’t nearly as attractive, at least for now.


Unfortunately, if you plan on financing a Stinger there are no rebates being offered, but Kia will throw you a bone and give you 0.9 percent APR for 60 months. Given that Kias generally have poor resale value and that many folks lease a sport sedan rather than buy one, Kia is making the smart play by offering some killer lease deals to get new customers behind the wheel.

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect a correction via Kia finance. The lease program in the quoted story should reflect a 10k mile lease not a 12k mile lease.


Darren McLellan

When will manufacturers realize that giving a big discount on a car makes everyone question what it should REALLY cost? Only thing worse is when a car drops a couple grand on price in the time it takes to walk into the dealership.