The New Jeep Wrangler Truck Is Called The Jeep Scrambler And It Has A Diesel

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We’ve known that a Jeep pickup was coming for some time, and we’ve seen it, in disguise, testing in the real, filthy world. Now, we even have some leaked CAD files showing the new pickup’s frame and axle, and what seems to be confirmation for a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6. Plus, it’s got a historic name: the Jeep Scrambler.

Our pals over at JeepScramblerForum got ahold of some interesting dealer network screenshots, confirming the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 with FCA’s start-stop system:


We can also see the model code JT (which may or may not have been chosen as a tribute to me; if so, thanks) which refers to the Jeep pickup. That name comes from the iconic stretched Jeep-based pickup truck.

Other screenshots indicate that a variety of tops will be available for the Scrambler, including a black three-piece hard top, a body-colored three-piece hard top and a soft top. These options should make the Scrambler the only convertible pickup truck available in America, at least without the use of a Sawzall.


What are especially interesting are these CAD images of the JT Scrambler’s frame in comparison to the current JK Wrangler Unlimited’s frame:


So far, only four-door mules have been seen testing. The length of this frame seems to suggest that only a four-door option will be offered, but that’s just a guess.

According to JeepScramblerForum,

Based on a calculation of the measurements in AutoCAD, the images show the JT pickup truck’s frame (205-inches) will be approximately 18% (33-inches) longer than that of the 4-door JK Unlimited frame (172-inches), as the JT spy photos and video have shown.


Another CAD screengrab shows the JT Scrambler frame in more detail:

(production version expected not to be so excitingly colorful)

There are also CAD images of the Scrambler’s axles, which JeepScramblerForum members have noted:

appear to be new Dana 12-bolt axles/diff which will add strength over the current JK Wrangler’s Dana 44 axle. This is sure to bolster the truck’s payload capacity and tow rating.


If any of you out there are setting up a bootleg manufacturing facility in your basement, I’m sure these images are incredibly valuable.


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