Rumor has it that Ford’s latest 2.3 Ecoboost fits the Zenos E10’s chassis, which can only mean that their upcoming E10 R packs at least 350 horses. New pants will be needed.

Up until two days ago, I strongly believed that with the amount of mechanical grip and power the 300+ horsepower Elemental Rp1 offers, it will do rounds around the Zenos E10 if they manage to put it into production next year.

But the task of building the fastest Ecoboost-powered track special just got harder for Elemental as Zenos announced the E10 R, which they claim to be a significant step up from the 200hp original and the 250 horsepower E10 S.

We have no details just yet, but while upgrading their 2.0 to roughly 300 horses would seem like the easiest thing to do, Autocar believes Ford’s new 2.3 engine fits too, which could give the E10 R a power-to-weight ratio in excess of 500bhp per tonne.


Has the whole world gone crazy?

Nope, only the British.


Photo credit: Zenos


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