The New Ford Bronco Will Get Three 'Modern, Classic, Custom' Looks

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Everybody wants to see the new 2021 Ford Bronco. A new report suggests we may see three new Ford Broncos.


Ok, we’ll see three different looks of the one new Bronco, but still, that’s like getting an automaker to do two facelifts—for free! The only weird thing is it’ll be on one, brand-new car.

Ford Authority is reporting there will be three different options available for the Ford Bronco grille:

When it launches in 2021, the Bronco will offer three different grille designs, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with the project. The three grilles will each deliver a unique persona to appeal to a wide customer base.

The first 2021 Ford Bronco grille will be the “Modern” design, which constitutes the regular grille. This is the same black grille with “BRONCO” written across it that we previously saw in leaked photos earlier this year.

Here’s what the new Modern design supposedly looks like:

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The second grille option will be the “Classic” face that fatures retro styling cues. It will deliver a nod to the Bronco’s past, albeit in a contemporary manner.


I’m not sure we’ve seen this in the leaks yet, but it’d likely come in a color other than black, possibly be designed to look more “open,” and there may even be some changes to the Ford lettering or headlights, as older Broncos had amber lights near the middle of the grille.

The third and final 2021 Ford Bronco grille option will be what’s referred to as “Custom.” This nose features a more shiny and upscale look when compared to the other two offerings.


This will likely be the “normie” look.

Ford Authority also reports the “Baby Bronco,” now called the Ford Bronco Sport, will also get the same three grille options. It’s unclear if these different designs will be determined by trim or available freely as an option, and Ford Authority also noted they may not come to market with these three names.


To me, this is far less impressive that the other work that Ford has done on this new Bronco. These may very well just be the different trim levels of the new truck, which every other car gets, so I won’t be too praiseworthy on that idea.

But I do love the adaptability and customization that seems to have been previewed by leaks, including the removal of the roof and doors, and more. Now Ford just needs to get it to us. Apparently, plans to reveal the Bronco in June are still on.


RENNtech E63

Wow, really scraping the bottom of the barrel to write a Bronco article. Pretty much every manufacture has a different front for various trim levels. Hell even a damn Camry has different front ends, would you devote a whole article to that? Didn’t think so.