The New Fate Of The Furious Trailer Is Our Worst Nightmare For Car Hacking

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The eighth film in the Fast and Furious franchise is coming for you and there’s nothing you haters can do about it. Say what you want about the physics-defying stunts, but this new trailer seems to tap into an acute anxiety regarding self-driving cars and car hacking.

At this point, we know that Charlize Theron’s character is The Bad Guy. She has been described as “the very definition of high-tech terrorism,” the meaning of which, until today, remained unclear. Now we know: part of her skills lie in car hacking.


It seems like she can hack into and control hundreds of cars at once. She can herd them, crash them and even make them leap from buildings in some kind of insane mass-car suicide. It looks like the very worst possibility of car hacking.


It also makes sense, because what are movies but reflections and articulations of the current anxieties that plague us? We sure saw it with The Matrix and the Y2K age.

We’ll have to wait until April 14 to see the film, but here’s yet another trailer to hold you over until then.