Hey, look, Alpine’s back! For real. The famed French sports car brand now under Renault’s wing is set to debut an all-new sports car, which we now know is called the A110, and we’ll see it in about a week at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s not bad at all.

This is the production version of the A110, and it adheres pretty closely to the Alpine Vision Concept we saw more than a year ago. I am certainly not complaining about that.


No word on specs yet, although a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with something between 250 and 300 horsepower is expected. We don’t know much else about it at the moment.

Click that link above for a more comprehensive history of Alpine as a brand, but I’ll briefly say the A110 gets its name—and shape—from a fiberglass rear-engined sports car produced from 1961 to 1977. The lightweight car was a mainstay on the rally circuit, and its off-pavement heroics are probably what it’s best known for today. It’s a neat car! And we’re glad it’s back.


We’ll see more of the new A110 soon in Geneva. Will we get it in the U.S.? Who the hell knows, but I could live with a Nissan badge on its nose.