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The Nasty Turbocharged 2017 Ford Raptor Reportedly Starts At $48,325

Photo credit Ford
Photo credit Ford
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If you want the new trucktracular twin-turbo V6 2017 Ford Raptor—and really, who doesn’t?—here’s how much it’s apparently going to reduce your bank account.


A price list for the 2017 model year Ford F-150s leaked online at the Ford Raptor Forum today, and provided it’s accurate, it says the Raptor SuperCab starts at $48,325. The SuperCrew starts at $51,310, according to the document.

Both those prices do not include the $1,195 destination and delivery fee.

The document also lists the various options for the ‘17 F-150s, so if you want to know how much the goodies are, check that out as well.


It’s a bit of a price increase over the old V8 Raptor, as is normal these days. The Raptor SuperCrew we tested back in 2011 started at $45,885, and another SuperCrew we had for a day in 2013 rang in at more than $53,000 with options. But the new Raptor’s still in the old Raptor’s ballpark, which is good.

One big question remains: no word yet on official power and torque numbers, but the new turbo V6 is supposed to handily trump the old 6.2-liter V8's 411 HP.

Nice price or crack pipe on the new Raptor?

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This engine is going to have the dreaded “start/stop” feature, wherein it shuts itself off at stoplights, etc.

Let’s hope the aftermarket offers a solution.

BMW dealers are authorized to permanently disable the feature upon customer request, but others (e.g., Chrysler Corp.) won’t.