The Most Unbelievable Saves Of 2013

It's been a bumper year of people avoiding impacts in high speed and highly improbable situations, and that means it's time for the 2013 Savies!

Yes, the Savies are finally back, here to remind you that with quick eyes, fast hands, and a whole lot of luck, numerous operators of motor vehicles avoided gruesome nullification this year. So as you gather 'round with your loved ones this holiday season, take some time to watch these videos, and thereby reflect on capability of human resourcefulness. Or something like that.


Like the 2013 Dashies, I'm going to go in somewhat chonological order with these.

Got Grip?

You might look at this video thumbnail and say to yourself, "how could I ever see an amazing save from that camera angle?" Cut forward to about 30 seconds in and you'll understand.


Colombian Racecar Driver Cheats Death Before A Parked Truck

Driver Miguel Villagomez lost control of his car, speared off track, and slid across the wide grass infield of Colombia's Autódromo de Tocancipá. This normally wouldn't be a problem, except there was a crane truck parked right in his path, ready to clip off his head at the bumper.


That's Not How You Enter A Corner, Part 1

Silly rally driver, you don't enter a corner with a 360 degree spin. That's not the right way.


That's Not How You Enter A Corner, Part 2

This guy pulls a 1080 spin and keeps going. There isn't even a corner there! What is it with rally drivers?


Massive Wheelie Nearly Sends Drag Racer Airborne

I'm not sure what'smore impressive - how this guy kept his dragster from flipping like a stunt plane, or how the announcer called the action.


The Best Way To Survive A Crash Is To Avoid It

A Porsche 993 isn't what you might think of as a 'safe' car. It's not big and sturdy like a Volvo or something. But it is agile, which you can tell from this video o a French driver dodging a two-car crash happening right before his eyes.




I mean, that's not the right title for this video. A more appropriate, descriptive one would be something along the lines of 'milliseconds of luck saved three racers from a massive crash.'

This Is Why You Pay Attention To Railroad Crossings

In the 'Un-Motorized Two Wheel' category, this video stands out. If this British biker in Cambridgeshire hadn't backed up those few inches fast enough, they'd be a goner.


That's Not How You Enter A Corner, Part 3

Porsche GT3 cup racer Angel Benitez spun out at Road America this year in front of a pack of 29 other race cars. Amazingly, he did not hit a single car in his recovery. Only after he had his car back in shape did the chaos behind finally catch up with him. Even then all he got was a slight tap.


That's Not How You Enter A Corner, Part 4

Ferrari 458 driver Alessandro Pier Guidi pulled a 360 through the Eau Rouge/Raidillon complex, one of the most daunting turns in the car racing world. And he did it in front of nearly the entire field at this year's Spa 24 hour race. That he didn't hit anyone is nothing short of outstanding.


I think it's good enough to be considered the Save of the Year 2013.

Honorable Mentions:

These saves didn't happen in 2013, but I saw them for the first time during this year, so I'll add them in here as honorable mentions.


Petter Solberg at Rally Sweden 2012: I'm not sure I've ever seen a car this sideways, this close to spectators ever before. I'm not sure I ever want to again.

Randy Mamola at the San Marino Grand Prix 1985: This was described as "the absolute closest you can get to crashing, without falling off." I believe it deserves a gif.


And with that, please drive safely and may your next accident be one that happens in your pants, and not in your car.

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