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America got European cars with stupid bumpers and no power at all for quite a long time, but as far as Italians go, things were even worse.


After a few cars were shipped overseas during the fifties and the sixties, Lancia officially arrived to the 'States in 1975, only to leave together with Fiat in 1982. Now it's back with rebadged Chryslers. No, thanks.

Alfa Romeo got there as early as 1961 after seeing the demand for sporty beauties in the fifties, but had to leave in 1995. Now they are back with a car that's not quite ready yet.


Anyway, this means there were a lot of Italian cars enjoyed by Europeans that Americans couldn't get. Which seems fair since great American cars didn't make it here either, but still: which Italian do you miss the most?

Photo credit: Tony Harrison

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