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The Most 2014 Chevy Corvettes We've Ever Seen In One Place

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While we're sure that we've already seen the next generation 2014 Corvette a number of times, it's still exciting when they get spotted out in the wild.


But what's better than one C7 'Vette in the wild? Eight of them.

Before it makes its debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the Corvette has been hitting the roads of America — as well as virtual ones — to go through some final testing. Over the weekend, the cars were in New Mexico, and a lucky Jalopnik reader happened to spot them.


Here's his account:

I was on a long weekend trip to Red River New Mexico this weekend, and stumbled upon this. Upon arriving into town 2 covered up cars blew past me, causing whip lash as I tried to figure out what they were, and then fought to keep my car out of the guardrail. Later in town I came across where they had a bunch of them parked. There were a fleet of cars, all with manufacturers plates as shown in the picture. I saw 5 different zl1 camaros plus every version of the c6 that I know of (base, zo6, 427, zr1, etc) and then about 8 of the covered ones. There was a large group of guys hanging around with various badges and comparing notes. All weekend these things were flying around the mountain roads and cruising through town.

Note to GM: If you want to be low key during testing, don't bring a bunch of red and yellow Camaros along for the ride.

Now, the cars are all covered up, but from what we can see, there are a number of familiar elements. There are chiseled front wings, a distinct nose, a traditional Corvette roofline, and a steeply raked windshield.


Hmmm, why does it look so familiar? We don't wanna say we told you so but, yeah, we're feeling a little smugger than usual right now.


(Big Hat Tip to Luke!)