This Image Will Make You Fall In Love With The 2014 Chevy Corvette

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Much to GM's dismay, we've been all over the 2014 Corvette since last November when we showed you exclusive first renders. Then we showed you 2014 Corvette spy photos that confirmed the renders and leaked renders of the nose from a supplier.

Last month we brought you the first 2014 Corvette video put together by our friends at Trinity Animation.


Today, we're proud to bring you Trinity's latest render of a C7 Corvette in stunning black that's a better preview of the car everyone expects to see at next year's Detroit Auto Show.

Doesn't it just make you love the new Corvette? The animators at Trinity seem to have captured more of the seductive, Euro-inspired shape than we were able to with our first renders. After some back-and-forth with us and looking at other sources they've further refined their take on the next generation 'Vette.

Our first images were of a ZR1 Corvette and this appears more like what we've been led to believe the base or Grand Sport will look like when it debuts. We're proud to bring this to you exclusively.


If you didn't like the first images does this change your mind?

Photo Credit: Trinity Animation

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It makes me want to punch those fender gills right in its ovaries all the more. Such a contrived styling detail.