2014 Chevy Corvette: First Video

We were so early with the first images of the 2014 Corvette that some refer to the design of the next generation C7 sports car as the "Jalopnik Corvette." Of course, GM designers deserve all the praise (or criticism).

Jalopnik is also not responsible for the rendered 3D video of the C7 Corvette from Trinity Animation, but when they said they were turning our drawings into a trailer who were we to complain?


Using our experience with the car we gave the team of animators our impressions and the result is this Forza-esque video of the new Corvette in action.

Jalopnik showed you a detailed rendering of the design of the next generation Corvette more than a year before its reveal and months before anyone else could even muster up a realistic copy of our own render. Some people scoffed, saying it was impossible that we'd be able to see the car so early. It was unprecedented.

But the slow trickle of spy photos and renderings have made it clear that either we were correct or GM is exceptionally good at espionage tactics.


It is a radical departure for the brand, but Corvette is known for its radical departures. Does a first-generation look that much like a C3 and does a C3 look that much like a C5? The C5-to-C6 transition was more evolutionary, but the C7 is clearly another major leap for the brand.

Still, we've mostly been judging the vehicle from a couple of angles and well-camo'd spy shots. Big thanks to Jim Lammers and the Trinity Animation crew for giving us rolling footage of the new 'Vette.


Does this make you like it more/less than you did before?

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Victorious Secret

Is it just me or does it look like it is higher off the ground than it should be, bearing in mind this could be a rendering issue of some sorts.

That looks too high for a sports car/super car.