This Is The 2014 Corvette's Entire Nose

One of GM's Tier 1 suppliers, Omega Tool Corp., made a video to show off how well they could mold complicated plastic body panels. Only they chose the still-secret 2014 Chevy Corvette instead of the outgoing C6 Corvette. Oops.


Hmm... it looks familiar for some reason.

The video showed up on labeled as "How Corvette C6 Bumpers Are Made." Commenters immediately realized that this is no C6 bumper, but rather the unrevealed C7.

You may remember that we revealed the whole C7 Corvette. Many critics saw the GT-R/Camaro mashup panels and prayed we got it all wrong. Some still do despite ample evidence to the contrary.

This video, likely to be taken down in no time, shows again how right we were.

A spokesperson for GM would neither confirm nor deny these were the C7 Corvette.

"As we're building the prototype cars for the next generation Corvette we are working with suppliers… to begin the process of tooling for the early prototype cars before they go into production," said the spokesperson.


(Hat tip to James!)



And now I have at long last given up hope that I will like the looks of the C7 Corvette. Thanks a lot Orlove.