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The Mid-Engine Corvette Delayed Six Months Over Last-Minute Overhaul: Report

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While we’re fairly certain that a mid-engine Corvette is coming soon, we don’t really know when to expect it. The camouflaged cars we’ve been spotting suggests it could be soon, but GM Authority is reporting that the car has been delayed over an issue with its wiring harness.

Here’s the news from GM Authority:

According to sources familiar with the matter speaking to GM Authority on the basis of anonymity, engineers have uncovered a major electrical issue with the future Corvette during the development process. From what we gather, the vehicle’s electrical system can’t carry the load necessary to support the necessary components.


A source speaking to Jalopnik, also on condition of anonymity, elaborated on the issue further, claiming GM began developing the mid-engine sports car with a wiring harness and electrical system found across GM’s current lineup, only to determine that it needed to swap it out for a newer, more capable electrical system deep into the development process.

The new electrical system could even have something to do with that patent we found earlier, which may be a clue to a hybrid version of the car.


Because of the alleged delay in reengineering the car’s electrical system, Jalopnik’s sources suggested there was next to no chance of seeing anything about the car at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, and they weren’t aware of the new timeframe for the car’s big reveal.

So it’s coming, and when it gets here it will have fancy new, uh, electrical bits. Somehow I can’t be too surprised that GM almost had a car finished before deciding there was a major problem with it. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see whatever they come up with in later 2019, or 2020, or maybe 2021.

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