The Mid-Engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Won't Be At the Detroit Auto Show

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We’re about a month away from the Detroit Auto Show, and that means two things: Everyone should gear up for tons of complaints from auto writers about the snow, and maybe we’ll see the new mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette? But that’s a hard no on the last one, friend. Sorry.


We still know very little about the mid-engine Corvette, from its proper name to exact power output to, perhaps most importantly, price. It’ll have a V8 of some sort, possibly with forced induction and even hybrid power eventually, and it’s supposed to make the Corvette an even better competitor against the European exotics.


Sadly those details will have to wait a little longer to come out. Carscoops point-blanked asked Chevrolet if it was bringing the mid-engine C8 to Detroit in about a month, and the answer was not only “no,” it was “We’re not bringing anything.”

From the story:

Carscoops contacted the automaker about its plans for the event, specifically whether or not the C8 Corvette will premiere at the show. Chevrolet’s official response is the company “will not be hosting a formal press event at NAIAS”. To put simply, the company won’t be launching any new vehicles at the show.

The mid-engine Corvette may get the headlines, but an even bigger story is that Chevrolet isn’t bothering to present anything new at its home-game auto show this year. Presumably we’ll see other stuff from Cadillac, then, or maybe even Buick.

Frankly, if Ford brings its A-game this year and shows off stuff like the new Bronco and Baby Bronco, it wouldn’t be hard to steal the whole damn show. Remember that none of the German luxury brands will even put in an appearance at the Detroit show next month—not to ding our Motor City friends, but it’s not a big enough luxury market for them to care anymore.


Besides, in terms of product news, auto shows are diminishing in importance anyway. Why show off a car at a big expensive trade show when you can do it much cheaper on the internet? Why share the spotlight with your competitors when you can grab all the news at a standalone event, like Chevrolet has been doing for some time now?

My guess is that’s exactly how we’ll see the mid-engine Corvette later in 2019—at its own big deal reveal, away from those jokers at Ford, the Italians and whoever else bothered to brave the snow to come to Detroit. Sorry you all have to wait a bit longer, but it’s good news for the Spy Shot-Blog Industrial Complex that’s been quite lucrative for us this year.


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Hayden Lorell

maybe we’ll see the new mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette? But that’s a hard no on the last one, friend. Sorry.

Chevrolet said they weren’t having a formal press event.

What about Cadillac? Seeing as how GM has NEVER...let me repeat...NEVER confirmed this mid-engine Mule is a Corvette.

And again...been saying since day 1: Cadillac.

DOHC, twin turbo, smaller displacement V8 schematics leak: sounds like a Cadillac design

First of two mystery keys (showing stencils of what looks like the Mule we’ve been seeing testing) leaks and what is on the back of the key? Cadillac.

So I ask again, what’s Cadillac up to?