Here's the Mid-Engine Corvette Tooling Around Southwest Florida

Credit: Ian

Once thought of as purely myth, we now know that the mid-engine Corvette is no tall tale. It is real, it exists in our dimension and it was in southwest Florida, soaking up some sun last June like a fresh-faced college graduate.


Away from gray and cold Michigan, the mid-engine Corvette mule pondered its existence as it trundled across the sun-bleached highways of the Sunshine State. It soaked up the heat and vitamin D, feeling the warmth in its bones, grown brittle and stiff from months and months of hiding in the bowels of General Motors’ facility.

Of course, like all celebrities that go sunning themselves in Florida, the Corvette was caught by an eagle-eyed member of the public who sent this video to us today. Though spotted in June, the car didn’t remove its layer of camouflage. For modesty? For disguise? For mystery? Who’s to say.

Away from prying eyes it went, before being swallowed back up into the mysterious wildness of Florida. Where is it now? Where could it be? We’ll only find out when it ventures forth into the world once more.

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GMT800 Tahoe Guy

Extremely tinfoil hat theory:

This thing is 1000% going to be a Cadillac, And GM is telling media outlets to keep calling it “The mid-engined Corvette” just to try and surprise us.