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Daniel Mastretta, the designer of Mexican kit-cars, is hard at work producing something new for the Mexican and international market. His company, Mastretta Design, is busily putting together a production run of the Mastretta MXT.

It's a whip that Danny-boy believes will be the next hot habanero dropped into the salsa of track-ready sports cars. Mastretta's hoping to launch this transverse mid-engined 2-seater at the International Mexico City Auto Show in December of this year and they're currently building a "state of the art facility" with initial output set at 150 Lotus lookalikes per year. But don't be fooled by the Lotus-like look, because it seems like that's where the similarities end. Despite the bigger 2.3 liter engine rating a higher output than the Elise, Mastretta's own 0-60 times are a couple seconds greater than the champion budget superstar. Of course the extra 250 lb or so of weight on the MXT may have something to do with that. Oh and did we mention we've heard it'll have an MSRP of $46,270 and won't be regulation-ready? Maybe we'll have to pass on the salsa for now until it's a bit less spicy.


MXT Proyect [Mastretta Design]


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