The Making Of The Pontiac G8 "Spy Hunter" Commercial, Or...

...there's another headline we could have used for this exclusive look at the making of the new Pontiac "Spy Hunter" commercial — "How Leo Burnett Got It's Groove Back." After the disaster that was the Cadillac Escalade Super Bowl commercial a couple years back, that's exactly what this ad — and the "Hot Wheels" companion commercial called "Mine" — for the 2008 Pontiac G8 GT may end up helping them accomplish. Talk about going from zero to hero. Anyway, it's kind of cool to see how the sausage gets made, right? You get to see how the G8 was transformed into "The Interceptor" and everything else from the faux-hipster / creative class team and all their inside jokes like "ceiling cat" and Johnnie the office dog. Makes us want to stay the hell away from advertising altogether. Well, except for Regina. She looks cute in a faux-hipster kind of way. What can we say? We dig the look. Also, the driving sim looks cool. Shit, we're just surprised we didn't see a foosball table. [Leo Burnett via Digitas]

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Herding cats.