New Pontiac G8 GT Commercial Gives "Spy Hunter" A Sweet-Ass Twist

OMG, Pontiac finally has a decent rear-wheel drive sedan in the 2008 Pontiac G8 GT and now they've got a killer commercial to go along with it. The boys from the arrow-headed brand have mashed up "Spy Hunter," the classic Midway video game with the G8 GT playing the lead role. Finally, a commercial for a GM product that actually manages to evoke the few positives of the malaise era while at the same time making it clear it's a totally different beast. We love it. Unfortunately, we don't love the "viral e-mail" we received alerting us to the availability of the new ad. That missive below the jump.


We received an e-mail from a marketing maven at Digitas, one of the agencies working on a few of the General's many brands, sent from their Digitas e-mail. Here's the e-mail:

"Just saw this new Pontiac ad online and thought it might be of interest...It takes an old classic, SpyHunter to a whole new place. God love CG. From what I hear its not even on TV yet."

So either Digitas doesn't know anything about what they're doing over there, or it's the world's worst attempt at making something go viral. Luckily the commercial's killer, so we'll go ahead and do your job for you, unnamed marketing maven. Lucky for you.



@Mad_Science: Not here to defend the General (or Chrysler for that matter) but the costs associated with certifying a Manual for the US is probably not worth it. GM's research (as well as Ford and Chrysler) shows that less than 5% of the total sales will be with a Manual. So, take the cost of certifying the vehicle with the EPA, NHTSA, (it is a lot harder to control exhaust emissions with a Manual than with an Auto), then add the extra costs in adding to the number of parts needed to manufacture and maintain the vehicles built with a stick, the number of parts (and tooling costs) needed at each dealership to repair such cars, you have one hell of a bill to pass onto the consumers for what, maybe 1500 Manual G8's?

The only reason why there will be a Manual Challenger is because Chrysler was able to steal so much from existing LX cars that the final cost for the Clutch didn't put the vehicle out into orbit (as far as costs). And there will only be 5% of that car without an Automatic.