The Lexus LF-1 Concept Teaser Looks Like It Speaks For The Trees

Lexus is going to unveil its newest concept car, the LF-1, at the Detroit Auto Show next month, but the brand is so excited it decided to release a little teaser of the car’s design, specifically, the front lighting signature.

Here’s the full teaser, which was animated:


As those lights animate themselves into existence, they describe a very strange and familiar face.

In case you forgot, the Lorax is a short, mustachio’d creature who’s the environmental advocate of the Truffula tree. The version Lexus seems to have decided to base the lighting design of their car on is closer to the 2012 CG-animated version, as opposed to the 1972 Dr. Seuss-drawn version, because Lexus believes in keeping things as up-to-date as possible.

Is this perhaps a hint that Lexus’ new concept will have a strong environmentally-friendly theme? Maybe!

Lexus has previously teased a rear shot of the car, featuring the full-width, flowing rear lighting design and a pair of additional lights on what appears to be a split rear wing, part of a complicated-looking lightning-bolt-shaped C-pillar.


I’m sure Lexus is delighted the Lorax association was noted. I can’t wait to see the guy in the Lorax suit at their auto show booth!

(Thanks for noticing this, Tom!)

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