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The Latest Reinvention of Top Gear Is Screaming. A Lot of Screaming

Illustration for article titled The Latest Reinvention of Top Gear Is Screaming. A Lot of Screaming
Screenshot: Top Gear (YouTube)

I have completely lost track of which “new” version of the BBC’s Top Gear we’re on, but Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid are no longer full-time hosts, and they’ve been replaced by two random presenters who I can’t even understand because they’re always screaming.


The latest trailer for the upcoming season shows what we can expect from the latest assembly of hosts, with comedian Paddy McGuinness and cricketer Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff now joining Chris Harris throughout a series of death-defying stunts, torturous challenges and global adventures that Top Gear is now known for:

But why are they always screaming? There is too much screaming. Clarkson, Hammond and May worked because they didn’t immediately start shouting all the time. Their softly insulting arguments and funny Britishisms made up the entire dynamic of the show. In this upcoming season, it looks like the energy will be constantly cranked up to 11, whether it deserves to be or not.

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Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed LeBlanc, Harris, and Reid as hosts? At least they’re keeping Sabine and Eddie.