The Latest Audi Hipster Marketing Campaign Is A Huge Soccer Scoreboard

You know what the young Youths these days love? That's right, soccer. And you know where they live? That's right, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. And you know what they drive? The Audi A8, with a base MSRP of $75,100. So Audi just installed a giant scoreboard made up of 28 of them in (where else) Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

I actually kind of really like this idea, of all the ideas in Audi's Hipster series. What they did was they took all those A8s, with their neat headlights, and stacked them up into 45 shipping containers. The cars are all wired up so that they coordinate to use the headlights as a digital scoreboard, giving the score of every single World Cup game.


In total, the monster scoreboard stands over 40 feet high.

Obviously, the hipster marketing campaign isn't actually directed at hipsters. It's directed at the Olds, who actually have money, rather than their children, who are still waiting for their parents to die, so they can get that money.

And so, the Giant Audi Scoreboard isn't actually directed at the Youths, either. Though it does sit on the tres hip shores of Greenpoint, the big Germans are actually directing all their scoreboard-y power towards the monied shores of Manhattan.


And so, like the Audis of our own childhood, we have a metaphor for life. Which is that corporations will inevitably use the marketing power of your very existence to push a fantastically expensive product upon your parents.

But hey, it's definitely a neat idea for a scoreboard.

Photos via Audi

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