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The Last Time Group B Raced The No-Pacenotes Rally Great Britain

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In 1986, the FIA banned Group B rallying. What's interesting is that they banned the cars before the season was over, but decided to let the cars run the final two events of the calendar. This gave the world the 35th Lombard RAC Rally, the last time Group B ran in the UK.

While the event cut out all of its night stages for fear of drivers killing themselves of exhaustion (as had happened the event before), it was still an incredible event. Unbelievably, the event still ran without allowing the drivers to practice on the stages they'd run. Consequently, they ran without pacenotes.


Amazingly, the drivers called the event 'easy' and 'relaxing' compared to its previous runnings. Given that they were driving 500 horsepower rally cars virtually blind through forest stages gives me chills.

What the hell must the 1985 event been like?