The LAPD Has A Lamborghini Cop Car Now, Because Charity

Los Angeles is a town of dreams, of wonder, of authenticity, heart, and soul. Oh wait. No. It is none of those things. Which is why instead of getting a Morgan Three Wheeler like my constant letters have suggested, they went out and got a Lamborghini Gallardo. Figures. Just like Dubai.


In all fairness, the LAPD Lamborghini isn't actually part of the force to show off, or just to keep up with the Emirati Joneses with their ridiculous Bugatti Veyron cop car, but was rather donated to them by a rather generous couple. Nathale and Travis Marg, who have a fiber optics company called Light Source 1, donated the use of their baby Lambo with its V10 sitting squarely in the middle, to the LAPD.

Instead of being used for high-speed chases and organ transport, like the Italian police Gallardo, it'll only be used for charity events to support the LAPD Air Support team.


And hopefully the LAPD won't crash it, unlike the Italian police Gallardo.


The LAPD Lambo already has its own Instagram and Twitter pages, because of course it does, to stay hip to the kids these days. Hashtag, LOL.

Or something.

Via LAist.

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