Italian Police Total Lamborghini Cop Car

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Remember the gadget-laden Lamborghini Gallardo Italian police car gifted to the boys in blue by the boys in Sant'Agata? They've managed to plow one into a row of parked cars. Full gallery below.

According to The Guardian:

The Lamborghini Gallardo that crashed into parked cars on its way from an exhibition in Cremona. The crash occurred after the car, which belonged to the Bologna police was cut up (Ed. - We're assuming that's the Euro version of "cut off") by another motorist leaving a service station.


Yes, the selfless officers of the Italian police force just happened to be cut off by a motorist after they were returning from sort of swank exhibition and they crashed it into a line of parked cars. We're smelling some tomfoolery here. In case you don't remember, here's what the car used to look like.

(Hat tip to rognbrow!)
[The Guardian]

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Jonathan Harper

That'll buff out.

And really, italian cops, what took you so long?

Most people don't last half as long in a Lambo that isn't theirs.