The Lancia Stratos we saw last week is real and it's not just intended for one wealthy industrialist's garage, it's headed for limited production. According to Car und Driver, the new Stratos is aiming to set everyone's pants on fire.

Remember Jason Castriota? The guy behind the Stile Bertone Mantide? He's reportedly the brains behind this latest off-the-deep-end design exercise, but where the Mantide was polarization incarnate the new Stratos is just plain awesome. What we've been seeing kicking around isn't just some bonus for a Goldman Sachs golden boy, instead it's a production-intent sports car we'll endlessly lust over. Apparently, Pininfarina is heading up the effort to rebirth one of the most legendary rally cars ever. We couldn't be happier.

Should these rumors prove true, I will publicly fist fight Matt Hardigree for the opportunity to test drive this car under even the most mundane of situations. [Car & Driver]