The Lamborghini Urus Sounds Like a Supercar Should

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If you heard the new Lamborghini Urus thundering down a nearby street, you might mistake it for, well, something other than an SUV. “What a lovely roar,” you’d think, even if you signed a pledge in the fifth grade to never like a luxury crossover or SUV because they’re smothering the car market like a needy dog whose owner’s been gone all day. Alas, you heard this SUV, and you liked it.

The Urus has a couple of strikes against it, in terms of Lamborghini purists, most of whom probably don’t own Lamborghinis: It’s a luxury SUV, which departs from Lamborghini’s hardcore supercars in a way that isn’t unique like the LM002 off-road, apocalypse-looking machine was, and it has a V8 mated to its eight-speed automatic transmission instead of the signature V12 or V10.

But that 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 comes with a rated 650 horsepower for around $200,000 or so, and at $200,000, a gasoline vehicle has to sound good. (That is not a law of nature. Someone could very well try to sell a car that sounds like a bad fart when it accelerates for that price, successfully or not. Thankfully, and expectedly, that is not the case here.)


And oh, does it sound good:

Hearing this makes it slightly less weird that there will soon be a Lamborghini Urus racing series upon us. These aren’t particularly bad sounds to hear at a race track, no matter how much we want to dislike the SUV onslaught currently happening in the car industry. They’re very good, if we’re honest.

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counterpoint: modern lamborghinis should scream/wail, not grumble. this is an audi.