The LaFerrari Is Faster Than You, Me, Felipe, Fernando, Everybody

The LaFerrari might not be the best plug-in hybrid out there, but as long as it can destroy anybody else on a race track like this, Ferrari is in the clear.


Oh boy. All I want for Christmas is two good drivers, one in a black McLaren P1, the other in a nero LaFerrari going flat out against each other for hours at a fast track. Spa would do.

Or Monza. As a matter of fact, Monza would be great. And with this guy at hand, we already have half of what we need.

Shot during Monza's street cars only free for all event, Axis of Oversteer explains what the LaFerrari is capable of:

A Ferrari Challenge EVO on slicks driven by one of the fastest Challenge drivers on the planet will do 1:50 in qualifying. The LaFerrari, on street legal tires, driven casually in shirtsleeves chatting with a friend in the right seat and going slow in the parts of the lap is less than ten seconds slower?

Seems that way. Where's a P1 when you need one?


Mailbox Cancer

@ :56, passing on the right? On a track day event? Am I totally wrong and that's standard fare, or is this guy a total moosefucker?

This is, of course, not to downplay the fact that I'm completely and utterly jelly, but someone needs to say something.