Proof That The LaFerrari Has A Secret All-Electric Mode After All

We've been suspecting for a while that the LaFerrari can in fact move on electric power alone despite Ferrari claiming quite the opposite. Here's more proof.


The LaFerrari uses regenerative braking wonderfully compared to the Porsche 918 Spyder in which the brake feel is compromised due to the system, or the McLaren P1 which doesn't have re-gen at all, probably for the same reason. Hell, the LaFerrari can even harvest power out of its ABS interactions. Very clever stuff indeed.

Despite all those electrons rushing back and forth under the carbon fiber, Ferrari says the LaFerrari doesn't have a pure all-electric mode, something that gives a P1 six and the 918 around twelve zero-emission miles helping them through busy city centers.

But the LaFerrari also seems to have a hidden button somewhere despite all those lucky journalists who got to drive it reporting zero on the subject:

My guess is that the LaFerrari's all-electric range must be so low that they felt it's better to classify it as non-existent and keep saying nonono to anybody who asks about it. After all, they are Ferrari.

Hat tip to Carlo Delucis!


Wow, it looks 1,000,000 times better in black than in red.