ChumpCar is running twin 7-hour enduros this weekend at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana where NASCAR likes to play twice a year. Here are a couple of the $500 competitors.

The Black Iron Racing entry (a hacksawed BMW) is looking very serious and fast.

This Jag grew a few inches in width since the last time it was on the track. A new wide body kit and some custom wheels makes this car a real threat, of course that is until it remembers that it is British and then the race will soon be over for it.


This late generation Integra looks a little suspicious. It has a considerable amount of crappy spray paint on it to make me think they are probably hiding something expensive underneath. Never-the-less it's a Honda product and its head gasket has a six and half hour time limit during a seven hour race.

Only time will tell which $500 crap heap will survive the 18 turn road course at Auto Club Speedway. We will try to keep you up to date as time and laptop batteries allow.