The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Word to the wise Delphi workers, picketing can be hazardous to your health. We're not saying not to strike...but you've been warned. [Globe and Mail]
• Jeez...banning smoking in private cars? How else can we get our nicotine, caffeine, fat and news buzzes going all at once if we can't be smoking, drinking coffee, eating a donut burger and reading the paper while we are driving? []
• Although Nissan has more Dong than it ever needed, apparently they've got too much Diesel. Why not give Volvo a little piece of the action? [Automotive News]
• DaimlerChrysler will so sue you! Forget England Tom, they'll even sue you in Texas! [Detroit News]
• Diesels can win races? No...seriously...we're not being sarcastic. Seriously! We really didn't know this was possible. [Edmunds Straightline]
• What kind of a world do we live in where a car wash is charged with pollution? Actually, this car wash is totally being a tool.[]
• Mad Max: Beyond China — Two Rovers enter, one Rover leave! [Automotive News]
• And you thought all Swedes could cook up were meatballs and really hot foreign exchange students. [Edmunds Straightline]
• March "teaser" sales numbers are out. Oh auto companies, you're such a tease! [Detroit News]


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