The Holiday Re-Gift Guide continues our anti-Black Friday assault with an aftermarket item you've seen on these pages once before. While faux-scoops and exhausts are the automotive equivalent of calf-implants, there's something especially insidious about a fake product that imitates no performance increase of any kind. Thus, we have no problem blacklisting the Decano fake moonroof applicator, despite the fact the site insists "A CAR WITH A SUNROOF LOOKS EXTREMELY GOOD!!!"

While it's true that certain cars look okay with a sunroof/moonroof, no car looks better with a piece of dark reflective plastic on the roof. Assuming you actually meet a girl that would be impressed by seeing that your rusty Aurora has a sunroof, what's she going to think when she gets inside? How long can you keep up the ruse? This monstrosity courtesy of JackIrish and the prince of darkness.