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The Ultimate Car Accessory: The Faux Stick-On Sunroof

Illustration for article titled The Ultimate Car Accessory: The Faux Stick-On Sunroof

Dying for the status a car sunroof will bring, but lacking the financial liquidity to have one professionally installed? Worry not friend, for the good folks at eBay have the solution for you. The road to sunroof ownership is fraught with risks; leaks, rust and diminished security are only a few of the pitfalls possible when cutting a large hole in the roof of your ride. With the Decano Self Adhesive Sunroof the only risk you'll take is with the throngs of women that will doubtless be drawn to you as a result. Installation is easy, requiring only a clean car and a firm, manly caress. Other products in development include imitation ABS brake lights for your dashboard, reassuring the ladies that they're in safe hands. [via eBay]


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If I put it on the trunk will people think it is a Ferrari-style engine cover?