The Jalopnik Guide To Giving The Gift Of Tools

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Although we've said that car fans are difficult to shop for, the gearhead subset of our illustrious tribe is a bit easier to please. Don't buy anodized aluminum parts that might not fit, or fan apparel that could leave them thinking you ate lead paint chips as a child.


The answer is simple: get them tools.

But if you're going to buy tools for the gearhead in your life, there are a couple of things you should know. You should either go all out and get them a hydraulic lift and/or car elevator, or just buy practical little things that whoever you're giving gifts to can actually use. Trust me, if you're giving tools to someone who wants tools for Christmas, they're probably a practical sort anyway.


We've put a few suggestions in Kinja that'll help your Parking Lot Mechanic finish assembling that miserable hulk that's been the neighborhood's driveway eyesore for the past eight years. Please jump in and help us round out the list!

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Benjamin Preston

The times they are a-changin'. Fire hazard halogen and incandescent drop lights are no longer sexy. After-dark mechanics need LED illumination, which is both safe and energy efficient. Hopefully these little energy sippers will do something to offset that gas-guzzling muscle car build.