The Jalopnik Guide To Cheap, Last-Minute Gifts For Gearheads

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It's that gift-giving time of year and you, lazy bastard that you are, haven't bought anyone anything yet. Here are five cheap things you can get in no time to stuff the stocking of your car enthusiast friend.


There's an art to buying car-related gifts because nearly every gift — like produce that is marketed to car people is terrible. Car enthusiasts want to drive cars. They do not want to have a clock that looks like a car, or a hat that has the outline of a car on it. These gifts just remind them that they are not actually driving a car, which is always the end goal.

Moreover, most of them are embarrassingly tacky. You see things like USB sticks that are shaped like car keys, thongs that have a picture of a Prius on them, and every single thing branded by Ferrari. I myself was saddled with a Hummer H2 alarm clock for years and it is singularly responsible for my awkward social demeanor. If anyone ever came into my room, they'd see that yellow monstrosity and never hang out with me again.


Luckily there are still a few good things in the car world that are small, affordable, and classy. Check out our recommendations in Kinja below and feel free to add your own.

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Raphael Orlove

A great gift is to get a quality 1:43 model of someone's favorite car over at AUTOArt. They're $35.90 each.