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The Inverse Abuse Property Of Automobiles

Illustration for article titled The Inverse Abuse Property Of Automobiles

In today's lecture in Jalopnik Science 201, we will cover the Inverse Abuse Property of automobiles, and how a car never dies when you want it to.


This property was addressed today by Frank Grimes, when we watched a bunch of guys rally, crash, and even kick their truck over and over in the vain hope of killing it. The truck did not die, leading Frank Grimes to a pertinent observation.

Cars are jerks. They can work well beyond any sort of sense in terrible situations and refuse to die. But you treat one right and just daily drive it and a gasket lets go and you are walking.


Clearly, the more you just try and get your car to die, the less likely it is to finally give up the ghost on you. In addition, the more you try and coax your car to keep running just one more week dammit I need this, the more likely it is to blow up halfway on the way to work.

This is known as the Inverse Abuse Property of Automobiles. Do you have any experience with this trait?

Photo Credit: England

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Congratulations, Mr. Frank Grimes, on COTD today! I have for you an Audi TT because TT. This lovely lady with the unlovely hat will deliver it to you in a few days.