The Hunks Of SEMA?

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(Follow us as we lift the hood on the world of industrial automotive espionage in From The Car Spy's Dossier, a semi-regular series of road reports from A-list spy shooter Brenda Priddy and some of the world's greatest car spies!) So I thought it would be a good idea. All the bloggers go crazy with the "Girls of SEMA" layouts and various nearly-obscene versions playing on the words and zooming in on the pictures. So for all the Laura Bursteins in the world (and me, too, of course), I thought we'd get equal time - and I'd do a "Men of SEMA" photo spread (arrgh ....some people have such a dirty mind!)


Well. The idea nearly failed - until these "hunks" came into the picture.

Let's leave out the comments - all these guys were good sports. But one word of advice to single women on the prowl: you'll have better luck at your local grocery store than you'll have in Vegas during the SEMA Show.

Brenda Priddy


Al Navarro

I dunno Brenda, Bumbeck was looking kinda hawt out in Vegas.