Rimdiculousness: SEMA Chrome

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Wheel companies know gawking at big, shiny things is human nature. Thus, eons ago, was born the 17-inch rim. After radical mutations and massive doses of Chromium Growth Hormone, the size of rims is now bounded only by tire companies' willingness to wrap them in rubber. Lexani, for example, has a 42-inch rim that's been sitting naked in front of the company's SEMA booth for at least two years now. With any luck, it shall remain so. While I was staring at it, again dumbstruck, Hip-Hop Minstrels, The Pack walked up and instantly fell in love (with the rim, not me). Another company, dubbed GH (stands for Good Health) created rims that look like barbell weights. GH gives $2k out of every $15k rim purchase — you heard that right — to charity for children's health programs. The super-pricey rims impart a prison bling feeling to me though, and makes me wonder when orange jumpsuits are going to come into fashion. Somebody else had a roulette wheel themed rim with Louis Vuitton leather in the center area, which is probably 100% authentic and officially licensed. (LV Fakes page)

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I like the lower end treatment of the brunette with the Riv. Didn't see much else I liked but that's about par for the course. Some clown pulled up next to me at the gas station in an early 70's 442 turned into one of these abortions. I hope to god it was a clone but I know in my heart they ruined a classic to make that abomination. I threw up in my mouth a little.

For god's sake, do that shit to a 1979 Pontiac Parisienne and leave the good cars alone.