The Honda S2000 Can't Be The Last Two-Seater You Buy Before A 'Vette

Regular Car Reviews had a Honda S2000 about a year ago, but they couldn't stay away from this tiny roadster's happy face any longer. This love story has some potential.


I think the guys are on the wrong track here. Yes, a car with all its power near the redline might not make too much sense on the road, but man, you got so much more than that from Honda when you bought an S2000 in the year 2000.

At the S2000's launch in 1999, Honda talked about how it had the highest specific output and all the revs in the universe. And yes, said 2.0 VTEC is a clever engine that can give and take numerous punches. But what's much more important is that the S2000 is a small rear-wheel drive two-seater with a limited-slip differential that can smoke those damn Miatas. That, plus the digital tachometer. Oh yes!

It's a video game with leather seats. Beat that C6!

Also, do you know anybody who would replace an S2000 with a Corvette? I don't, but then again, we don't have Corvettes around here.


Photo credit: Grant.C

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