Suburban boredom! Taking the kids to do Easter portraits at Sears! Shockingly un-Honda-like quality issues! Welcome to the joys of owning a second-generation Honda Odyssey.


Unless they're in a band and have one to haul their gear, nothing quite makes a swingin' young guy (or gal) shudder in fear like a minivan.

As our fearless friend at Regular Car Reviews notes, it's what you get when you sigh and resign yourself to life's cruel realities. He says it makes a strong case for not hooking up with "okay-looking barflies" without taking the necessary precautions, if you catch my drift.


I, for one, think minivans get a bad rap. While I'm definitely in that class of people who has nightmares at the thought of owning one, even I'll concede that when you need to move lots of people, kids and stuff, few vehicles can do it better. The Odyssey may be boring, but damn if it doesn't get the job done.

Practice safe sex, kids.

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