The Honda Civic Type R's Price Has Gone Up Almost $2,500 In Two Years

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Image: Honda
Image: Honda

Honda just announced pricing for the 2019 Honda Civic Type R, and the number is quite a bit bigger than the 306 horsepower, front-drive hot hatch launched back in 2017.

The new price is $37,230, which accounts for a $36,300 suggested retail price plus a $930 destination charge. By comparison, the 2017 model started at a suggested retail price of $33,900 plus an $875 destination charge, bringing that car to a total of $34,775. So the price has gone up $2,455 in just a couple of years.

Part of that is undoubtedly just a matter of pricing the car for the demand (because that’s how business works), but as Motor1 notes, there have also been some standard features added over the years. From the site:

Last year, Honda announced the 2019 Civic Type R would receive more standard equipment including an updated Display Audio system with physical buttons, a volume knob, and improved Bluetooth connectivity. Honda also updated the steering wheel buttons while adding a new light indicator to the parking brake when engaged. The hotter Civic also received larger cupholders and models equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control receive physical fan speed buttons.


The Type R’s cost has been steadily creeping up since the car went on sale in June of 2017. In November of 2017, the destination charge increased $15 and the retail price went up $200, bringing the total to $34,990. Then in May of 2018, Honda added $5 to the destination charge and $600 to the retail price for a total of $35,595.

Just this January, the destination charge increased by another $25 and the retail price ballooned by $1,000 from $34,700 to $35,700, bringing the price to $36,620, which just yesterday got cranked up to $37,230 thanks to a $10 increase in destination charge and $600 bump in retail price.


Of course, this type of thing isn’t at all surprising, especially for a vehicle in as seemingly high demand as the Type R. And even with the additional cost, the Type R may still be a solid option, as our Tom McParland wrote after the car received a $600 price bump back in May of 2018. From his story:

While price increases on a car that remains identical can be frustrating for buyers, keep in mind the Civic Type R is still one hell of a value given its standard equipment and performance credentials compared to similar hot hatches within the same price point.

But more importantly, the extra $600 on the 2018.5 model could benefit someone looking for a 2018 Civic Type R and has been frustrated with the dealer markups on the current crop of inventory. 


So yes, it costs more, but it’s still good and who knows, maybe you can get a good deal on an older one. Either way, I bet people will still buy it.