The 2018.5 Honda Civic Type R Is Still An Awesome Value Even If It's Slightly More Expensive

Questionable aesthetics aside, the Honda Civic Type R is a fantastic driving machine that earned its famed red badges. The 2018.5 model gets a $600 price bump while remaining exactly the same. It could even potentially be a good thing for buyers if it brings those crazy markups down.


According to, last November Honda nudged the price of the 2018 Type R up by $215, now the price will pump again by an additional $600 bringing the total MSRP with destination to $35,595. While price increases on a car that remains identical can be frustrating for buyers, keep in mind the Civic Type R is still one hell of a value given its standard equipment and performance credentials compared to similar hot hatches within the same price point.

But more importantly, the extra $600 on the 2018.5 model could benefit someone looking for a 2018 Civic Type R and has been frustrated with the dealer markups on the current crop of inventory. According to Autotrader, there are over 200 listings for Civic Type Rs in the country, some of which are carrying markups of $10,000 or more.

We all know that markups happen on in-demand cars. Almost every high-performance car that is attainable suffers that same fate early on. The Focus RS had bonkers markups when it came out and now the hype has died down and inventory has increased you can pick one up for a decent discount under MSRP.


By continuing production and making a 2018.5 model year, Honda has increased the supply which means that some dealers will eventually be sitting on multiple Type Rs on their lot. The more recent of which will carry only a $600 premium. Dealers that actually want to sell cars will likely drop prices on the remaining 2018 inventory.


Of course, there will be plenty of stores that won’t get the memo, but that’s why it pays to spread your net wide when shopping for a specialty car. Even if your local market is too expensive it could benefit you to travel, or ship a car if the price was right.

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